Uniting to Win a Strong Contract

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Who We Are Mission Statement

ABF Teamsters United is a grassroots campaign to win the contract we deserve. We are coming together to restore what we lost in the last contract and to win improvements. We’re uniting to protect and improve our pensions and benefits, increase our wages, stop the abuse of Purchased Transportation, and more.

The company needs to see that we will back our union negotiators when they fight for improvements and that we will Vote No if they settle short and try to sell us another substandard deal.

Members Speak Out

"It’s time for members to take control. We’re organizing locally and coordinating nationally to defeat givebacks and win improvements."

– Aaron West, Local 249, Pittsburgh

"We’re ready to win a good contract. We printed T-shirts to show our solidarity. We’ve been promoting them on social media and shipping them all over the country to show the company members are united."

– Brian Manns, Local 41, Kansas City

"Purchase transportation and subcontract of our work is out of control. We need strong language and enforcement to put an end to this cancer in our contract."

– Frank Golden, Local 710, Chicago

"Management knows we’re serious about winning improvements. We need our vacation restored and our benefits protected. It’s time for a real wage increase. We can win if we’re united."

– William Dillinger, Local 667, Memphis

For Mobile Alerts,Text "ABF" TO 94253